The Shocking Story

Leah had set out from her office exactly at 11:30 p.m. The time according to her mom was that of ghosts. She had always believed in ghosts. So, currently, she was shaking more than ever. She thought that the passers-by would think that she was shivering from the cold. But, her face was against her wishes. It was chalky-white looking more like a vampire. So this was the reason [ at least she thought so] that people were staring at her. Drowning in a pool of her own thoughts, she reached her home, took out her house-keys, opened the door and entered her home.

“Home sweet home” she muttered to herself. At the same time, the lights went off ‘PLOOF’. “UGGH….” She muttered. “home bitter home….”

Then, there was a few moments of tripping and falling. Finally, she reached her so called destination. The KITCHEN. She went and took a long swig of water from the bottle. She placed the bottle down but, ‘splash!’, the water flowed down. She fumbled on the table for a piece of cloth. At the same time, there was a shrill scream. Leah had her mouth open. Then she realised that the scream belonged to her. She felt her hand to find something squishy oozing out of her palm. She realized that she had cut herself with the sharpest knife in the world. The one that her mom always used to cut meat.

Then again there was a shrill scream. But, it wasn’t hers. It was from a long way off.
“ must’ve been a poor person who had been hit by a car or bike or something….” A loud rap on the door disturbed her long chain of thoughts. She ran to the art-room and opened the door. It was her mom. “hey, mom!!” she turned around and saw that nobody was there. Then she ran to the door and shut it with a bang. Suddenly, she thought she saw something dark move in the shadows. She ignored it and continued to do whatever she was doing. Again she saw something dark moving in the shadows. “who is it??” she asked. Nobody answered. So, she went to her bedroom and collected a mallet.

“Now it’ll teach the monster to interrupt me while I’m doing my work.”
The next time she heard the swish, she followed the creature and gave it a nice bang on its top. It curled up on the floor. Leah lit a candle and brought it near the creature. She saw it and was surprised for a moment. It was a girl. Her sister. Her TWIN.
“ohhhhh no……  what have I done to my own sister???” she mused in the saddest way a human can.

Then she spun around to get some water to splash it on her sister’s face. When she turned back, the girl had already disappeared.
“the girl is not fit for the work we do Sammy……” said manager Frick.
“yeah, I know Frick…. she’s gone mad….” Said Sammy.
“yeeeah!” yelled Leah.” I put them off my track!”
“see what I mean?” said Frick.
“her family died a long time ago….” “um… I think they died 5 years ago in a car accident….” commented Frick.


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