The Forest Episode

The young man walked on the moist forest floor. It had rained a few hours ago…almost at the same time he had set out. Now, he was returning to his home. The forest floor was home to all sorts of insects. All of them had nestled already in their respective places between the tall grasses. The sky above was clearing bit by bit. There was a zero visibility of stars except for the Pole Star which had sided with the pale-milk white moon. As per mythology, the moon was a home to a rabbit who had sacrificed himself to satisfy the hunger of God in disguise of a poor and hungry man. He had jumped into the fire to become his food, but resurrected and sent to take care of the moon. But, the young man had never believed in mythologies. He always believed in the present. Not the past; not the future… only the present. He had set out to find the lost antiques that had belonged to his family for generations. “For God’s sake….” He muttered as he stepped on something squishy.
“Must have been a poor worm” he thought.
But he never bothered to see what he had trodden on. Actually, it was a grasshopper who had an idea of settling down there for the night. But the current episode had put it out of its sleepy mode. So, it just flew on singing….
The young man suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. “Wait….” He thought. He had heard a noise and at the same time he saw something white move amongst the bushes. He followed it. Whatever it was, he wanted to know where it was headed to.
He, at the same time, also felt a bit scared. So, he lit the lamp and pulled his cloak tighter around him. Then he whistled to himself a song which he had made himself. And it went like this….‘THE TREES SWAY LEFT AND RIGHT
OR IT WILL HAUNT YOU ALL YOUR DAYS…….”He sung this over and over again making himself quite sick.
Again he stopped dead in his tracks. There was another swish of white. This time more distinct. He ran behind it. Then he knew what he saw. It was Linda, his sister. He ran behind her and caught her hand.
“Hey, Linda! What the hell are you doing out here??” he asked.
His sister spun around. First, she seemed scared. Then she recovered her wits and said
“I was searching for you. Anyway, where is the treasure box, huh?” she asked.
The young man just nodded his head in the’no luck’way.
The girl then included that everyone was waiting for him and that the dinner had gone cold already.
The young man nodded his head and said”Alright, go ahead…… I’ll be right behind you.”
As such his sister ran towards the castle with the look of terror still in her face.
“Humph…… “The man thought.”What a sister!”
Anyway, he walked towards the castle in a lazy manner.
Suddenly, he heard a noise. He tightened his shotgun around him and spun around to see a she-bear closing in on him……. An ursa. His heart rate increased. For a moment he froze. Then he recovered and started running. The bear closed in on him and he felt its claws on his stomach. It was a very tingling sensation mixed with emotions and a super pain. But he spun around and snatched his gun from the forest floor and shot at the bear until he saw it curl up on the floor, dead.
He then recovered from the shock and got up on his feet. He walked towards his home. He reached there and opened the main door and entered his house. He already felt his energy draining from the claw wounds. He heard a distant clattering of utensils in the dining room.
He entered the dining room and stared around. Suddenly the room fell silent. Everyone’s gaze was upon him.
It was Linda who broke the sudden outburst.
“Hey Nero…. Oh my god… you are hurt!” she said.
At the same time, he felt his knees under him and he fell to the ground.
Everyone was upon him in a second. His dad, mom, granddad, grandma and finally Linda.
He spoke the last few words of his life……
“I’m sorry for whatever I had done…….. Just forgive me!” he spoke.
“CUT!!!!!!” said director Tim. ”You didn’t do that part properly Alec” he said.


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