A Happy Reunion

“Uggh… open quickly….” Muttered Caroline. She was tugging at her car-door. But, it was never bothering to open.
“Hmphh….” She sat on the ground sick from exhaustion. She had run a long distance from her office to the parking lot. She remembered why she had run. The watchman had a sly grin on his face when he saw her. So, she started running towards the parking lot and here she was struggling with her car door. She quite got sick of it. So, she started walking home.Suddenly, a man parked his bike next to her and asked if she cared for a ride. She smelled something fishy and refused it with a simple ‘thanks’. After some time, another man [maybe woman] walked up next to her and asked her the way to the grave-yard. She nodded her head towards the darkest corner of the street. The man stared around as if he didn’t see anything where she was nodding her head. Then, he said “Can you come with me and show the place??”
Caroline thought something was wrong. First the watchman, next, another free-ride giving man and now this person?? She broke into a sprint towards a place she had never been. The man yelled from behind “Hey lassie! Don’t go there!! It ends up in a cliff!!!” As he finished his last few words, she saw that the man was right. If she hadn’t collected herself in the right time, she would have been plummeted onto the hard rocks deep down. God that should hurt a lot… she thought.“See didn’t I tell you lassie?? It does end in an awful abyss kid” spoke the man aloud for the first time. The first encounter……. He had literally spoken in a raspy whisper which had made her think that he was an evil man.

“WH…WH…Who are you?” asked Caroline.
“No… I did not mean any harm lassie… I think I only asked the way to the grave-yard didn’t I?? Anyway, I’m Trace… Jack Trace and I work um… used to work in the army until my family died.”
This ignited a new memory in Caroline’s brain. SHE too was a Trace. So, the man must be her…
“Dad??” she asked questioningly.
“What?? You mean you are my Carlie??” said the man… her dad.
“How did you survive the fires?” asked Carlie’s dad.
“Well, I used the secret passage you showed me days before the accident” said Caroline.
“Anyway, is mom alive??” her voice quavered at the last three words.
“Umm… I seriously don’t know.” ”But, I am sorry dear.” Comforted Jack Trace.
At the same time, another woman came next to them and asked them the way to the grave-yard.
Caroline had never felt happier in her life.
The newbie then removed the veil from her face. Her face showed fifty percent burns.
“Whatchya call me? Mom? Are you my Carlie??”
Then they hugged each other and after a few moments the woman noticed her husband.
“Oh Jack!! How are you doing??” asked Caroline’s mom.

After a brief moment of hugging, Caroline said that they had to go home and planned to have a party to celebrate the home-coming of her long-lost parents tomorrow. Thinking so, she said “c’mon guys!! Let’s go home…”

And so, she tugged her parents behind her.
‘All thanks to the car door’ thought Caroline.


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