My Worst Day Ever

“Yay!! I’ve got a new bike!!!” I yelled.
“Stop yelling right now please!!!” requested my family.
“Nope nope!!!” I yelled back.
I just couldn’t contain my excitement.
“Mom!! Shall I take the bike for a tour through the city??” I asked.
“Mom please?! Please!!” I begged.
Mom drew in a deep breath and said “Okay… but, you’ve to be back by two for dinner. Alright?? Dare not eat anything outside. Okay?”
“Oh yeah!!”I went down the stairs, took a long look at my new bike and climbed on it. I cycled it all the way. I thought about the things I could buy with my freshly earned pocket-money. ‘A new keychain for my bike, a few sets of ear-rings, a birthday gift for my cousin and some other junk. So, I cycled all the way to the nearest fancy store and bought whatever junk [actually, all of them were necessary] I wanted. Then I paid for it and went on my way.Then, I stopped in the nearest pizza parlor. Then, after I had completed the pizza, I ordered for some coke. After finishing with that too, I listened to some music in my phone. Then, I left the parlor fearing excessive service taxes. So then, I got on the bike and rode away. After some time, I started humming my favorite electronic device music.Then, I heard a deep growl. I thought I had imagined it. But then, I turned to my side and noticed a dog CHASING ME!!!! Panic took over me and I started freaking out.
“Oh no!! Oh my goodness!! Stop chasing me you dumb creature!! Please!!” I half begged and half scolded the clearly insane dog. I rode until my legs were sore from straining my muscles. I imagined that I had just got out of a maze because, I didn’t know where I was. Although there were many people around, I didn’t care to ask where I was in case they jeered at me. I say this because all of the people’ faces looked rigid and not very kind. So, I started exploring the place. I found a few hotels where I could get some food. I got a plateful of some noon meal and started gobbling it down.

“Sorry mom” I muttered.

Then I paid for the food and asked a man where I was. He replied in a husky voice.
“This place kid, is one of the smaller locality of rural fish dealers”
He must have read my thoughts because he included “Yeah I know… you must be wondering why there is no stench… I myself don’t know”

Then I felt suddenly lonely and also remembered I was lost. Then I asked the man if he knew Caldwell Street.
“Oh yeah!! It’s where my cousin lives!!” he exclaimed.

Sudden relief washed through me.
“Oh… um… I’m lost I think… because a dog chased me and here I am lost…” I blurted.
“So, you are asking me the way back aren’t you??”
“Um… I think so?”
“Okay. I will go ahead of you and you follow me. Sound good??” he asked.


So all of it happened and finally I saw the landmark of my area… the start of the dog chase… the pizza parlor. I notified the man that I could find my way from here and thanked him for his deed. Then after the man left, I started home and imagined my mom’s unbelieving face scolding me that I was lying.

“All is well” I muttered.

“Home” I muttered again as I reached there.
I climbed the steps after parking my bike and reached for the door handle.
Then started the bear hugging and all that “Oh… where were you? I was so worried!!”
‘Humph… nothing as I expected turned out.
“All is well” I muttered again.


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