A Child of Two States

“’kay, bye!!!” shouted Rene.

“I love you darling!” shouted her mother.


“That’s the thousandth time you are saying that.”

With a pause.


“Oh did I??”


“Okay, then. Bye!”



Rene entered the train.

After some time, the ticket collector entered the train. He asked for the ticket.

“Ticket please?” he asked.

She dug around for her ticket.




Meanwhile Rene who was searching for her ticket bag and found it a few meters away began boiling with rage.

“Shut up bald-head! Won’t you be patient even for a minute????” she shouted.

“Okay. Okay… I’ll wait.”

He seemed afraid.

Then, she gave her ticket to the collector.

Both glared at each other for a while before resuming their works.

Then, when she looked for her phone and found it with 0 percent charge.

“Ohh shit!” she groaned.

Just then she remembered that she had left it at home. Her charger.

After some time, her destination came.

She got down.

“RENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” came a loud call.

“Dad.” She muttered under her breath.

“Rene….. hi baby!!”

“Hello. But, did you have to shout your way across a thousand miles?????” asked she.

“Nope. But, think so.” Said her dad.

After all the talking was over, she thought.

“So much for satisfying your divorced parents….”

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