War…War…War… Forever

Have you ever wondered what war can do to people and their habitats? No?

Sound of heavy bombing from the enemy capital. Scurrying of people’s feet. Screams of distraught women and hungry babies. War cries of brave men. Cries to run away by non-warrior men who are considered weak.

Armies in full action to protect their territories from the opposing army… Naval fleets on to the work of protecting the waters… Enemy submarines in our territories without our knowledge…

Sound of heavy clanging of metals, sounds of bullets ripping through air sometimes lodging itself in a body of a soldier, hitting walls or the sickening sounds of vehicles getting blown up…

Heavy smoke filled air hanging around for days, dead bodies of people who gave up their lives for the people they loved, bodies of people who died unwillingly, mutilated bodies of men, women, young children, babies…


People who mourn for their loved ones, search for their lost habitats which once was filled with the giggles of young children, the pleasant ‘whoosh’ and the swishing of trees, their homes which were filled with their loved ones now ambushed by war and the whole place turned upside down…

Couples who search for their loved ones without even a hint of where they were looking… survivors suffering without any food or water for days only mourning for their loved ones. Babies screaming with o hope for their dead mothers ; wishing for their fathers to scoop them up as they did once and play with them…

And finally help arrives. The Paramedics, rescuing helicopters, food packs…..

Why do not people stop war?

They can at least stop the disputes amongst themselves…

Stop war. Don’t be a person who lives through its consequences.

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