Metal chunks and Bullets

Two girls are playing in their houses. They are playing with something that looks like marbles made out of metals. Suddenly, it flies out of one of the girls’ hands and falls through the window sails in a ruggedly way lodges itself inside the head of a man. The girls now filled with terror file out of the room and make their way to the inner depths of their house.

Meanwhile, outside, the fallen man is being helped by another man. He tries and successfully removes the metal chunk from the fallen man’s head. He examines it closely and thinks that it is a bullet from the enemy line. He then goes on and files a complaint.

The police then calculate stuffs and recent happenings and come to a conclusion that their fellow county men were waging war against them. So, they go on and prepare their armies for the upcoming war.

The war begins when the mass-shootings begin and finally the scene is that of all dead army people. War becomes so savage. No one who went to war survived save for the enemies.

Forces then begin to gather information that it wasn’t the enemy line which started firing but it was a man who started the rumors. Officials catch hold of him and question him only to find that two young girls were responsible for the whole war.

The girls along with the man who spread the rumors are finally sentenced. Suddenly, a man bursts forth who seems to be from the enemy side crying “No! No! Leave them alone! They are my girls!”

The magistrate asks for reasons and the verdict takes place. In place of the girls, their father is sentenced and so he dies.


A father will come for a child wherever or whenever she is in danger.

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