Gist of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter, a boy of eleven who lives with his aunt Petunia Dursley and uncle Vernon Dursley is orphaned and lives in Privet Drive, Little Whinging’ Surrey. He was found abandoned on the doorstep of his aunt and uncle’s house when he was just a baby.

Now, he is a regular schoolboy of eleven who attends a normal school and is always treated badly by his cousin and his friends. One day, when he goes to collect the letters from his doorstep, he finds a mysterious looking letter lying along with the regular posts. This letter, when taken to read by him, his uncle snatches it away from him and throws it into the fire-place. And from that day onwards, mysterious letters keep showing up just…EVERYDAY…

And finally on a Sunday, they receive the full blast of letters due to which they shift to a lighthouse. Later on at night, there is a sudden crash in the door at the same time which a giant enters. After a casual talk, he hands over a letter to Harry who reads it with great precaution.

He finds out that this comes from somewhere called ‘HOGWARTS’ which he had never heard of before. The giant whose name is Hagrid then tells him that he is a wizard and that his parents never died in a car crash but were murdered by the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Hagrid then takes Harry to Gringotts-a bank for witches and wizards and is surprised by the amount of money his parents had left him. He withdraws some money and also notices Hagrid removing something other than money from another vault which he calls as top-secret.

Next, they leave for Diagon Alley where Harry is helped by Hagrid to purchase all his wizard stuff. Hagrid then gifts Harry an owl for his birthday. Then, Harry is lead into the railway station by Hagrid. Once again when he attempts to speak with the giant, he sees that he had already vanished.

And soon, he leaves for Hogwarts. On his way in the train the ‘Hogwarts Express, he makes two friends. Hermione and Ron. Once they reach Hogwarts, they muse at the buildings of Hogwarts.

The first years are led into the castle by none other than Hagrid himself. Then, the sorting takes place and all first years are sorted into their respective houses by a Sorting Hat.

Harry, Ron and Hermione are sorted into Gryffindor one of the four houses in Hogwarts. The others are:




The three of them then later on discover something called the sorcerer’s stone which was the thing that Hagrid had actually recovered from the Gringotts vault. They set out later on to find it and destroy it. Ron is hurt in the process and Hermione stays behind to help him.

Meanwhile, Harry finds out that a professor at his school prof. Quirrel has been providing Voldemort the wizard who killed Harry’s parents, sanctuary.

He seeks out to destroy him. He rejects many offers from Voldemort and then, after a heavy battle for an eleven year old boy, somehow, sends him away from the castle. But, his encounter affects him that he falls unconscious. At the same time professor Dumbledore arrives to save Harry. He gets worried and begins to think that the boy has been killed. But, he doesn’t.

Later, when he is revived, he is told by the headmaster Dumbledore that the stone has been destroyed. Harry then sick of being in the hospital wing for a week when given the permission to leave by Madam Pomfrey runs out to meet his friends. And soon after that, the term ends and Harry sails back to his rueful uncle’s house waiting patiently for the second year.

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