Gist of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter, now a boy of twelve awaits his return to Hogwarts as he takes in the continuous torture of the Dursleys. One day, we find our boy sitting in his small bedroom gloomily and packing all the stuffs to Hogwarts. Suddenly, a house-elf of the name Dobby appears wearing nothing but an old pillow case as his only dress.

He begins warning Harry Potter that he must not go back to Hogwarts that year. Dobby after sometime regrets having said that and repeatedly bangs himself on his head only to be stopped by the light-hearted Harry who looks at him curiously. Dobby then disappears after a brief accident with the Dursleys’ guests.

Harry is then put away and locked in his crammy old bedroom only to be rescued later on by Ronald Weasly and his twin brothers Fred and George Weasley. They rescue Harry in their dad’s enchanted car which can fly. They go on to the Weasleys’ home, The Burrow.

Harry then makes friends with the inhabitants of the house and is often told ‘hello’ by the bashful Ginny who is Ron’s sister. Once their letters for Hogwarts arrive, they go to Diagon Alley to purchase the spell books and the other books required for the year. On their way, they are met by Lucius Malfoy who interrogates Harry and also slips another book in Ginny’s cauldron which Harry notices but doesn’t say anything. Later they go to Hogwarts where they are warned by the headmaster Dumbledore to not go to the second floor no matter what for they lies a life-threatening thing. All of them think it’s a joke until the students start getting petrified and also in the meanwhile Harry discovers that he is a parselmouth which is one of the characters of The Dark Lord.

They also come to know that the Chamber of Secrets on the second floor had been opened again which was dangerous. In it lay a great secret which no teacher agreed to leak out. Meanwhile, a professor of the name Gilderoy Lockhart comes to teach at Hogwarts in the post of the Defense against the Dark Arts. Weird things happen at Hogwarts later which all the students start accusing Harry.

And to find the truth on who opened the Chamber, the three friends, Ron, Hermione and Harry take in polyjuice potion which allows them to transform their body to the person they wish by adding the desired person’s hair.

Ron and Harry take in the potion and change themselves to Crabbe and Goyle and also come to a conclusion that it isn’t Draco Malfoy who opened the Chamber.

They return back and after a few days, they find Ginny missing only to learn that she has landed herself in the Chamber never to return. They then take Professor Gilderoy Lockhart forcefully along with them to the Chamber along with the help of the ghost Moaning Myrtle who was also killed by the ‘thing’ in the chamber. Harry then gets separated from Ron and Professor Lockhart due to a wall collapse.

Harry then enters the chamber to find a motionless Ginny lying on the ground. He turns around to find a young boy of the name Tom Riddle who tells him that Ginny cannot be helped. Their conversation continue and Harry finds out that the boy standing before him is none other than the preserved form of the Dark Lord Voldemort.

The elder boy then opens the chamber by speaking parseltongue only to let free a large snake which is nothing other than the snake which petrified the Hogwarts students.

Suddenly, Fawkes, Dumbledore’s pet phoenix arrives at the scene dropping near Harry the Sorting Hat.

The bird then drops the hat atop Harry’s head who finds a concealed sword of Silver inside. He uses this sword to kill the basilisk [another name for the enormous snake]. But, a tooth of it lodges itself into Harry’s arm. Tom jeers at him and at the same time, Dumbledore’s bird, the phoenix starts crying on his wound. Harry’s wound heals and at the same time, Fawkes drops the diary of Tom Riddle onto his lap.

Harry understands it and then pierces the diary with the Basilisk’s tooth. The image of Tom perishes instantly. Then Ginny comes back to the present. All of them are then taken back to Hogwarts by Fawkes. Ginny breaks down and is later taken to the hospital wing.

Meanwhile, Lucius Malfoy arrives with Dobby. Harry then returns the diary to Lucius who passes it to Dobby. Dobby opens it to find that there is a sock. Giving clothes to house-elves is to show that they are free. Dobby is then freed.

So ends Harry Potter’s second year at Hogwarts. Let’s all wait for his third year.

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