Gist of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Welcome to Harry Potter’s third year at Hogwarts everyone.

Now. Harry’s story starts when he gets the letter for Hogwarts at night. Harry who was kind of a person who observes everything. So, when he first picked the letter for Hogwarts, he noticed that it was a bit bigger in size. He opens up to see that there’s a consent slip for parents [and in Harry’s case guardians] to sign. It actually is a consent slip to parents to let their wards to visit ‘Hogsmeade’. Hogsmeade is actually a small village near Hogwarts which students could visit from their third onwards. But it becomes one of Harry’s miseries when he finds himself filing out of his house after blowing up his aunt Marge with air. This he had done only…Only because his aunt had insulted his parents.

Now, as Harry’s uncle had refused to sign his form [and that is the reason why] he had filed out of his house. On his way, he sees an inflated Aunt Marge floating away.

He smiles to himself and sits on a side-walk only in time to see a black dog advancing toward him. At the same time, there is a horrid screech and a bus comes to halt before Harry. Harry then comes to know that it is the ‘Knight Bus’ which worked round the clock to save the stranded witch or wizard.

Harry climbs aboard and is transported to Leaky Cauldron in London. He is met by Cornelius Fudge who is the Minister for Magic warning him to not use magic again outside school. Harry with slight embarrassment asks the Minister if he could sign the Hogsmeade form only to find that the Minister refuses him.

Harry then purchases all his year’s books and waits as weeks fly by. One day, Harry is met by his two BFFs’ Ron and Hermione. He has a nice chat with them and then sets off to Hogwarts for his next year.

They three find that there is a new professor in their cabin who is fast asleep. Harry later finds out his name to be Professor R.J. Lupin. Suddenly, their train is stalled by ‘dementors’ meaning ‘soul-sucking creatures’. Harry gets so affected by them that he falls unconscious. He is recovered by the same asleep professor who now is smiling at him. He breaks and gives all of them in the cabin some chocolate.

They later reach Hogwarts. Meanwhile Harry learns about someone called Sirius Black. After breaking into Hogsmeade with the help of his invisibility cloak and a magical map that the twins Fred and George Weasley who were both Ron’s brothers had given him, he finds that he is his Godfather and the person who was responsible for his parents’ death.

He gets all too emotional. Meanwhile, Hermione’s pet cat Crookshanks starts chasing Ron’s pet Scabbers around too much that the rat begins losing chunks of his fur. Guess Ron’s remark??

‘It’s her cat! It’s stressing Scabbers too much!’

Harry is also trained by the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher to protect himself from the attack of the dementors by producing something called a ‘Patronus Charm’.

And so goes the story until one day late at night Ron suddenly screams. Everyone wakes up. Ron tells that he had just seen Sirius Black who was in pursuit of Harry to kill him or as everyone thought so.

And in class one day, Hagrid as the new teacher for Care of Magical Creatures, he introduces a hippogriff called Buckbeak. It had the body of a winged horse and the head of an eagle. Harry goes on a ride atop the creature. When he lands back, Malfoy insults it only to find himself on the ground the next moment with a wee scratch.

He makes such a scene and as a result, the Ministry orders the beast Buckbeak to be executed. And one day finally when the execution was about to take place, Harry, Ron and Hermione go for a visit to Hagrid’s.

Hagrid cries and talks for some time with the three of them to relieve himself of some stress. And when twilight approaches, he sees that the Minister for Magic, the headmaster Dumbledore and an executioner carrying an axe had arrived.

He shoos the three of them out of his hut. The three of them run toward the castle. At the same time, a black dog jumps upon Ron from behind and starts dragging him into the ‘Whomping Willow’ which seriously was a gone-mad tree that smashed anything that got in its way.

So, when the dog went into the roots of the tree, Harry and Hermione try to follow only to be pushed back by the branches of the tree.

Finally, they get in and venture out to only find that the willow tree consists of many inner rooms that seriously needed cleaning.

Suddenly Ron shouts at them that the dog was none other than an Animagus that turned out to be Sirius Black. Harry starts blaming Sirius for his parents’ death and they start exchanging curses. Once Sirius had fallen to the floor, Lupin stalls inside with his wand pointing at Sirius. After serious staring for some time, both Lupin and Sirius hug each other.

Hermione turns angry and calls both of them cheats. After a long argument, Sirius tries to prove that he is innocent by pointing out the fact that Ron’s rat Scabbers was actually Peter Pettigrew who betrayed Harry’s parents to Voldemort in the concealment of an Animagus.

When asked to prove it, Sirius and Lupin prove it. The once-a-rat turns into a fully grown plump man. He pleads Harry to not kill him. Harry agrees only to take him to the castle and perform the Dementor’s Kiss on him in place of Sirius.

But, Peter escapes again in the form of a rat. Lupin then suddenly turns to a werewolf. Both Sirius and Lupin fight both in their animal forms Sirius fighting for the positive side. Sirius then falls and the dementors later perform the kiss on him.

Harry after a tough ordeal only wakes in the hospital wing to find that both Buckbeak and Sirius had either lost their life or had their soul sucked out.

Dumbledore tells them to go back in time which Harry and Hermione do. They save both Sirius and Buckbeak in the process and sends Sirius to a safe place along with Buckbeak.

Now, Harry has discovered his only wizard relative. Sirius Black.

There ends Harry’s third year at Hogwarts. Let’s wait for a thrilling fourth year of Harry’s at Hogwarts.

Check out Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling on Amazon 🙂

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