Transformation is always Incomplete

I’ve always wondered how good it would be if I had had the choice to transform into someone else so I could punish them for the deeds towards me. But then, I thought over it and found a theory most amusing. What if I was stuck as that person forever??

There would be two of us and there would have been a lot of confusion between the two of us on determining who is who. And also, there would have been a debate among the parents on claiming their original child.

It may also alter our bodily stuffs and you know… you can carry it on in your own way. It may also change the way how we approach people. It will change the way we know our relations of and that includes our parents.

It may and as I know it will will change our mental thoughts, attitude, behavior, action and everything.

It’ll change our way of thinking and also diminish our looks.

We also will be dis-remembered by the society who would no longer recognize us. All we did for them will be forgotten and even our closest of friends will not remember us.

I do not know how to take this any more… but then, my only opinion is that transforming to is NEVER a great idea.

Daily Prompt – Transformation

2 thoughts on “Transformation is always Incomplete

  1. You have kept your point very well.However transformation is something that happens eventually,you will realise it at some point of time!Keep on writing.


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