Gist of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

‘Lo there! Welcome to Harry Potter’s fifth year at Hogwarts!!

The scene opens with Harry Potter [as you expected] being bombarded by the Dursleys. Harry then walks off to the park to find Dudley beating a small boy along with his friends.

After some time, they begin to corner Harry. Harry keeps them at bay with the help of his wand.

Then, Dudley and Harry walk back home only to be cornered [this time by a pair of dementors FYI].

Harry saves himself and Dudley with the help of The Patronus Charm. He then drags the half-loopy Dudley back home. On his way, he is warned by Miss Arabella Figg to be safe.

Later on, he gets a letter from the Ministry that he had been expelled. That night, after the Dursleys leave for the hospital, Harry is rescued by the people from the Ministry who support him and he is taken to the house of Sirius Black, his godfather.

A meeting is taking place due to which Mrs. Weasley guides him upstairs to Ron’s room. He is met so damn suddenly by an immensely bushy hair belonging to Hermione.

Later on it had been decided that Harry’s case will be heard in front of the entire Wizengamot. Harry encounters a particularly nasty woman looking like a frog who enquires about him a lot.

Harry succeeds with the help of Dumbledore and Arabella Figg. Harry tries calling Dumbledore who ignores him and leaves. That night, there is celebration in the Weasleys’ house celebrating Harry’s victory.

They all then leave for Hogwarts only to discover that the frog like woman had taken the post of Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. She tortures everyone and mostly Harry above them all. Then comes up their O.W.L.s which everyone perform considerably well.

Meanwhile, Harry has an attack in which he sees Mr. Weasley getting attacked by Voldemort’s snake Nagini.

This is then reported to Headmaster Dumbledore who in turn sends them all to Sirius’ house for a short stay.

They then visit Mr. Arthur in St. Mungo’s hospital. He seems all cheery and stuff. Harry overhears Moody speaking something of Harry getting possessed by Voldemort. Everyone look at Harry feeling literally sick.

They finally go back to Hogwarts only to find days later that the frog faced woman had become Headmaster. Harry gets another vision from Voldemort that he had captured Sirius.

Harry unwillingly collects all his friends and takes them to the Ministry. There, he duels with Voldemort after Bellatrix Lestrange had killed his godfather. Dumbledore arrives to save Harry. Harry is then possessed by Voldemort who uses Harry’s mouth to speak.

Harry then goes back to Hogwarts with the help of a Portkey. Harry and Dumbledore then speak about all that had happened in the Ministry.

Harry is told by Dumbledore that he knew that it wouldn’t be soon until Voldemort made the connection between his scar and Voldemort’s self. So ends another year at Hogwarts.

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