Does being Exquisite matter?

Ok. In accordance with the topic, let me tell. No.

I’ll tell you all a truth. Right now, I’m feeling squirmish to break this to you. But anyway, let me do it. Hmm. I too have certain blemishes on my face or used to. In 2014, many people used to pass comments about my face right behind my back at school. They didn’t give a damn that my heart literally broke with those comments.

Finally, one day, a girl told it right on me. “You know what Angelin? I think you should see how your face looks….” And so it went. But, I didn’t bother to listen fully. My heart which was already  cracked broke. I went to my place and I broke down. I didn’t care what people told about me the whole time. You may think may think that it was just a simple comment. But, no it was not.

That day, I sobbed and sobbed. My front coat got totally drenched in my own tears and my eyes grew too puffy making my features more distorted. I wrote behind one of my textbooks that I hated every single soul on this earth [my fury was such that I didn’t care about people who never talked rude to me] and that I was too lonely.

And, you won’t believe it but, one thought, that single thought told me ‘All flowers are pretty in their own way and so are you….’

That thought is still in my head and now, I don’t give a damn about what people think about me. Even my WhatsApp status is such: I don’t care if I ain’t pretty.

Daily Prompt – Exquisite

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