Life is a Marathon

Life is a marathon isn’t it? Each and every one of our lives start from entering a stadium. It continues when we start our marathon. The loud shout ‘start!’ is what inspires us to do our best in the marathon. Apart from that, the cheers from our friends, family, blood-lines all of them too inspire us to do what we aspire.

Life does not stay in the same place. It keeps moving on. So goes the great proverb ‘Time and Tide wait for none’. So we should keep moving on.

We should not stop in life to look back at what had happened to ourselves nor moon around with our past. Each and every one of us should prepare ourselves to run our marathon so as to succeed in life and to win our own prizes. Whatever we win, we should share with the others.

So, is everyone ready to run their own Marathon?

Daily Prompt – Marathon

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