Monday Morn Blues. Forever.

How many of you wake up on Monday morns feeling completely refreshed?

I don’t think that more than a handful of you will agree to the previous statement. But I’ll tell you. Many of us…sorry… 95% of us will wake up with certain Monday morn blues. Let me share with you my own Monday morn thoughts rather than my horrendous blues. The schedule is as follows:

Ringing alarm.

Waking up.

Huge yawn.

Switch off the evil little sound emitting devil.

Shoutings from Mommy.

Lumbering off to the washroom.

Wash face.

Brush teeth awkwardly.

Slumber standing.

Wake up with shock.

Take a bath with nice hot water.

Blabber something to myself ‘bout returning back to school.

Go to school.

Come back.



Repetition is the Mother of Success.

But, will all of this happen if I had overworked the previous night?? Nope. I will have just snoozed the evil little devil and gone back to my peaceful sleep.


Note: Overworking IS damn bad for your health.

(Posted this for ya outta pure concern :))





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