Immerse Yourself…


Immerse yourself…to live in a better future which comes to have more happiness. Happiness comes when you realize who you are and how wealthy you are. When this realization hits you, you’ll realize how you can carry on your life and what can be done to make yourself and your family happy.

This will play a vital role in deciding your life and how you can keep it going. It also emphasizes the importance of attention giving to life and the major role of you in others’ lives. You may be rich or poor which doesn’t matter. Whether you and your family are happy with your lives… matters.

If people don’t give prior importance to their lives and don’t immerse themselves in their policies, it makes life difficult for the person and for those who are around him. It also is important to maintain a healthy relationship with your other family members. This will occur if YOU immerse yourself in your life and start worrying about the people around you; their happiness, their sadness, their anger, their pains… you gotta be a part of it and aid them throughout your life and as long as they need your help.

You also have to make sure that you don’t put them through pain. You should be a relief to their pain and not stimulate it. Make sure you follow this with appropriate decisions at proper points of your life so as to have and lead a healthy lifestyle.

P.S: Thank you for listening to my dumb philosophies!!!

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