Knock Knock: House-keeping!!

Hey and back again…

Okay, I’m here to tell you something on my house keeping.

Yes. That miserable moaning thing broke out yester morn. as soon as I woke up, i staggered around for some time [Yeah, I know it was a Sunday but, I didn’t attend Church] and found myself in the kitchen where my Mum was working [It wasn’t that early, mind you! My exams had completed that Saturday and so, I definitely had to earn some reward, ain’t I?].

I staggered for some more time and landed myself in the Wash Room. I did my daily business and stepped out to be a hard-working damsel that day. My mother then began ordering me around to get things done. Aaaaaaaand, one of the Things To Do stuff was to clear out my books… I’ll enclose my book pile picture so you can see how fat my shelf was:IMG_20170319_090706yeah! That’s it. Except for the ‘Engineering Mathematics’ book, everything else is mine… yaaaah!

So you see how big my books are? hmm.. you can do more than well rather than opt to stay in my house!!

Haha! Good Evening!

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