Me ‘n Mine Exams…

Hey guys!

I’m back on cue with all my prev. year’s exams over. Yeah, my exams ARE over. A big whoops to that.

It got over on Saturday with Lower Language as my last exam which was for around an hour and a half. Meanwhile, other exams where for about two and a half hours. My schedule was like that which follows:

6/4/17- Science

My favorite subject with all the pros and cons… well, I did well in that

8/4/17- Social Science

Well, not exactly my favorite subject but, yeah, I kind of screwed it up…

10/4/17- Mathematics

What the hell do you want from me? Go solve your own problems stupid!!!!

13/4/17- English

What you talkin’ about??? I love that subject man…

17/4/17- Tamil [My Higher Language]

Well, at least I didn’t screw it up.

18/4/17- Hindi [My Lower Language]

Um… I think someone is calling me…


Goody bye!!!

After 2 minutes:

Well, guys okay it isn’t that I screwed up my thing totally but, yeah… I did my year pretty well with a bunch of knuckle-headed classies.

Yeah I’m graduating to ninth grade this April.

Wish me best luck!!!

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