Trip to My Native Place

Hella Guys!!!

Long time no see right? Yep. I was in my native place…

It was quite enjoyable this time. This was because I had studied EXTREMELY HARD this time which didn’t show on my face but did on my Report Card.

So you see, I travelled by bus to reach my town and welcomed very warmly at home by my paati (granny) with a warm glass of coffee (definitely after brushing) and a good bath (yep. In THE bathroom)

Then, I whipped out my phone and took some cool pics of myself and my grandparents (mind the trees too!!)

Later on, I was taken by my mum and grandparents to various places like Churches [ In deep forests?!?!] and went on touring to various boring and interesting places…

We bought many goodies like rings, different kinds of foods, drinks and all that stuffs…

We traveled for around a 150 km radius around us and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Also there is a goodie friend of mine who also has a sister who in turn both have a huuuuuuggggggeeeee family right in the town.

Yep. I do have a HUGER family on my side but, they are in different places in the planet nowhere getting closer. But, still, the girls’ family are really good and they themselves are two big sweeties.

We played in the scorching heat under a big banyan tree and occasionally made short trips to a sweet lady who had 3-D glasses and watched some pleasant ‘ girly’ movies.

Then I was made to eat some home-made products of granny which I enjoyed. Also I was fed in that sweet aunt’s house with delicious foods.

Our games included Cards, hide and seek, stone throwing, etc.

Then, days went by and POOF!!! I’m here typing this.

Huh… How time flies…

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