Summer Scorch

Hey guys!

Summer wishes from South-India!!!!

Well, this may come as a boon to many people, but, for us South-Indians, it currently is a bane. It half matches the weather conditions in the book ‘Scorch Trials’.

We people are outta water [ Well, not entirely, but, water level percentage is dwindling 😦 which makes us sadder ] and the temperature is damned hot that we keep sweating like we have been running for miles without stopping every single day.

The people are NOT able to survive without the air-conditioners which worsens the condition by the increased shoot-up price of electricity bills.

It’s too hot that we spend too much money on getting extra water cans.

Well, it’s not nature’s mistake right?

It’s us stupid human beings’ fault. We cut down trees for our uses and either forgot or were too lazy to plant them again. We deposited too much mud in water bodies to create land for building new buildings. We used technology recklessly that resulted in holes in our Savior Ozone’s body…

Well, if we try and plant more trees, we can try and bring back the earlier cooler surroundings.

And to those places that have just begun plundering nature, I warn you… DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE NATURE. RESPECT HER AND STOP PLUNDERING HER RESOURCES…

This will be my humble request as I do feel that a need has risen to create awareness on saving the world.


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