Hello Guys!!!

My summer vacations have begun (well, it began on the 23rd of April) and I am kind of free you know?

Okay, let’s come to the point and talk about holidays. How many of us HATE holidays? No one right? Yeah. I knew that.

Holidays are the only days where you can:

  1. Wake up late in the morn
  2. Just chill and have bed-coffee
  3. Drag your lazy body to the shower and stay there for hours
  4. Come out. Eat.SLEEP.Repeat
  5. Have some iced drinks with a good view of the T.V. serie ‘The Flash’
  6. Do no work (without mom’s scoldings)
  7. Do no dish-washing
  8. Be free full time
  9. Blog how much ever you want
  10. ‘LOL’ around with friends

But still, you may have the following queries too:

  1. Headaches due to being a Sleep-Head
  2. Putting on weight due to excessive consumption of you-know-what 😉
  3. Do lots of Home-Work at the last minute
  4. Get into trouble for things that you didn’t even think of doing
  5. Getting tanned

Well, holidays are holidays aren’t they???

All those who are reading this, if you have a holiday, a happy one to you…



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