Life is like a Cycle

Hello guys!

Here and back again… Yes, I needed a good pressure from my family members to blog today… Well, you see, i AM lazy right now… And that’s why I chose to insert a quote pic in this blog of mine.

Well, coming to the matter, let me say… no, no, not right Albert Einstein said, no, no, compares life with a bicycle.

Okay… many of us feel that we need to take a rest after we achieve something big which is actually something small as compared to life.

But, Einstein felt that this was wrong (Well, I hope so…).  He thought that, to achieve something, we need to keep working and, once we had achieved it, we should continue doing so.

This, he specifically says with comparison to riding a bicycle.

Well, when I chose this quote, I actually felt weird. All this relationship with ‘THINGS’ to that of ‘LIFE’… okay, getting to matters. He  comes to say that life is a cycle in which once we have climbed on, should never stop riding it. But, if we stop, others will take the advantage and put us head-over-heels.

Okay, as I am AMAZINGLY lazy right now, I’ll bid you you a good farewell…



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