Life is Bitter

Hello guys!

A beautiful evening to one and all!!

Well, this post of mine will be about ‘How much Bitterness there is in Life’. Many of us like the taste of ‘sweetness’ in life while a very few of us like to venture into the ‘bitterness’ that life offers. When we take over matters in our hand, we always think and feel that it must end with a ‘SWEET’ ending. All in all, we never think of the matter that lies in between the start and the end point.

We feel that all will go well. But, life is cunning… When you are in the final stage of victory, then comes the PLOT TWIST.

You will start losing hope and begin feeling useless. You will be a regular treat to the eyes of people who are a literal opposers of yours. This IS the bitterness that life offers to people.

People who are successful in overcoming the bitterness are the people who achieve things.

So, I think that will be enough for now… Keep trying in life!!


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