YOUR Thinking

Hello guys, and back again is me… Yeah!

So, in this blog of mine, we will see about a story.

This I came to know (and got good giggles on it) from the class I have been attending for a few days. Well… this is my third day.

The classes are undertaken  by a teacher who is a ‘trained sage’ and who has two with him. Now let’s cut talking and come to the matter. The story goes like:

There was once a small boy  named George who never studied well. His academics were a total zero and so were his sports level. Although he was given good coaching and many counsellings, he never improved himself.

There was one specific teacher who was hard-working and was very courageous. She noticed this boy and said that he had to study well or she would have a need to ring up to his parents.

But, the boy never listened. So, one day, this teacher called up his parents and said that their boy never studied properly and that they needed to take him outta the school. This, the parents did.

Fast forward 20 years:

The teacher had retired and was living with her family. One day, she got a heart-attack and was admitted to the hospital. No doctor was able to save her.

So, the hospital authority called up to a  Cardiologist who was very well- trained in handling severe cases of heart-attacks. Surprisingly, his name was George. When he was tending to her, there came the Janitor.

As the teacher dies, she mutters George.

End of story.

So, you guys thought that the Doc was George, right???

Hell, you ARE wrong. The janitor was George too. The janitor George was the little student who never studied.

Lesson learnt:

You can never achieve great heights if you don’t study…


2 thoughts on “YOUR Thinking

  1. Thank you for going through my post and correcting the mistake Ma’am!
    I miss being in your lively class.

    A student who seriously misses you.


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