My (our) Birthday

Hello Guys!

Today is important for my bro and me. Yeah… it’s our Birthday!!

Okay, my bro and I are not twins, but, we were born on the same day!! Yes, my bro was born on 11/05/1995 and I was born on 11/05/2003 with an age difference of 8 years.

This is us when I was a five-month baby.                                                        This is us, today on our birthday.

Okay, the the blogger of this: is my Brother. No lies on that. Sometimes, my brother might deny this fact in the comment section. Though I can disapprove it, I’m just saying.

The day started with us waking up being sleep heads, taking a shower and cutting up the cake. Then, consuming it and going our own ways.

He left for his college and I to my Summer Course at school on the topic ‘Logical Reasoning’.

At school, all those kids didn’t know it was my birthday so, I didn’t get smothered with hugs and the usual ‘Happy B-Day D!!!’


  1. I stole and ate some of our birthday cake when my mom was taking an afternoon nap 😉
  2. I also stole some Fruit-Bread 😀
  3.  I also stole the Cake toppings and the Cherries 😀


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