The story of The Coin

Hello Guys!

Today’s blog will be about ‘The story of The Coin’.

It starts out as a metal which is found deep down inside Mother Earth’s womb. It is then extracted out and carried to factories where it is melted, cleaned and beaten into the shape of a coin. It is then carried to the Mint where it is certified and the values are stamped on it.

It is then sent out and circulated.

First, it reaches the hands of an employee. He carries it with a certain tenderness. Next, it reaches the hands of an employee in a Private Company. He takes this to his manager with equal tenderness only so as to not lose it. Next. it reaches the manager who takes it, dumps in his pocket and rushes to pay his staff the salary.

Mr. Z  takes it and rushes home only to stop by and get his wife’s birthday gift. The coin stays there for weeks before it is taken out and given as a change to one customer L. L jingles it on the way. It bounces and rolls to the Roadside. A kid walking by sees it and collects the coin. He then drops it into his pocket. On his way, he sees a beggar and gives the coin to him.

Then, the coin stays there for eternity inside the nasty, stinky bag only to be taken out and given to a Tea-shop owner as payment for the Cuppa.

The owner gives the coin to his little son who thinks it is a pebble and buries it deep inside the Top-Layer of the Earth.

So ends the story of the coin which served its many uses before it was buried :ALIVE:


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