The story of a Butterfly

Hello guys!

This blog, as you know already, will be about the story of a butterfly.

As we all know the full process, let me say something in relation to this blog. I’m comparing:

  1. The butterfly to a human
  2.  The struggles with cocoon to that of a human life
  3.  Others helping it to break the cocoon to that of someone helping a human to disassemble the person’s life’ building blocks
  4.  The helper to that of someone who sympathizes a lot and destroys others’ lives
  5.  The worm to that of a young adult

A worm starts eating so much that it becomes fat. Then, it begins to build a cocoon around itself which is strong and steely. It shuts itself from the outside world and begins its struggle of breaking open the cocoon.

One fine day, it breaks outta the cocoon with a beautiful slim body and an even adorable pair of wings. As it is strong, it can easily use its wings and show off its beauty to the outside world. Children and young women get easily attracted to it as it is TOO beautiful for words to describe. It lives without any disabilities as it had tried too much and used too much of its strength in its struggle to emerge to the outside world.

Thus, it resembles the life of someone who had underwent an incredibly awful phase of life and had emerged as a successful person.



The worm eats a ‘lot’ lot and becomes fat. Then, this worm begins to drag its fat body towards a plant after which it begins building a cocoon around itself. Then this worm begins to start its struggle of coming out of its cocoon.

During this process, there comes another person who is sympathetic enough to cut the half-worm half-butterfly out of its cocoon. When he does this, the worm/butterfly which is already kind of obese cannot balance its body weight in accordance to its weak wings.

So, what happens is that the worm/butterfly dies slowly and in a great amount of pain.


So, the lesson learnt is that you gotta endure your own headaches and the challenges of life. If you don’t try, you will end up like the dead worm. Guys, so please try and DO NOT LET ANYONE HELP YOU unless, it IS for a dire need.



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