The Maze – A description of Life

Hello guys!

Am a little late on the Daily Prompt topic (Maze), but still, let me start the blog.

Okay, when I say ‘Life Is A Maze’, I mean it. Well, yeah, of course. We all have to go through many  agonies and pain in life, right?

A maze is something which is difficult to go through but becomes easy later on to crack. This is the same with life. When you enter the maze, i.e, Life, you begin searching for a way to escape the trickiness instead of willingly going through it.

In a maze, you can’t cheat a lot, so can’t you in life.

When you start thinking and go through the maze with every feeling that you can win, your conscience will automatically begin guiding you through the good. You will begin to carve a way through which you can easily pass through and bring yourself out of the difficulties.

This goes the same with life. Once you undergo all the bitterness in life without any cursing, life will give you a lot of sweetness.

As words go by, once you get well out of the maze (LIFE), you reach pure serenity and bliss (HEAVEN). So, you know what I mean… You go through the toughness in Life, Life gives you sweetness in the form of Heaven.

So, what I can finally say is that Life is in the form of Maze. You gotta go through it and achieve your goals.




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