Being Hospitable

Hello Guys! Here we are going through blogging again… Well, today’s blog will be about (Hospitality).

When we say that ‘Service to Mankind is service to God’, it means that being hospitable to people who are in absolute necessity and not just to the poor.

It also means that you got to be gentle, patient and very absolutely be serene. Your state of mind should adapt itself to be in place with the fact that you got to help people and cater their needs.

You also need to be warm and welcome people with your heart-felt love. At the same time, you should be cautious and know well whether or not that person needs your help. as I specified in a post of mine, if a person wants help, know whether you should do it as it may be destroying their lives in the form of YOUR sympathy.

Sympathy is necessary, but, you should learn if it is necessary to the particular person you are showing it  to. You also should be happy in doing so…

Well, I can’t brag more, so, goodie bye!


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