How I Spent My Holidays

Hey guys! I’m so sorry that i was unable to post for sometime… I was at my native place…

So, well there is nothing much to say. Okay as far as the topic goes, I’ll say how my holiday went:

  1. I literally have completed my home works
  2. I never visited a beach
  3. Never drank some coconut water
  4. never overslept at all
  5. Never lost that little tummy fat that I intended to lose
  6. Never grew even about a centimeter
  7. Never covered my school portions
  8. Tried and burnt 250 calories in total

So you see, my holidays weren’t that useful. All I wanted to do was tell the teachers not to give that abundant supply of homework which also failed. Now you see, I have a test on English as well as math on the reopening day.

And also, I have loads to study…. You name it: Geography, Civics, Physics, Biology… phew…

Also, I have the responsibility of completing my workbooks, Art, Craft, etc. Man, it IS the amount of homework driving me crazy… I have no clue on how to complete the Workbooks though. In addition to all this burden, I gotta do Math each and every day.

*hysterically laughs out loud*

Man, I do wish there was some Bot to finish these stuffs…

P.S: To my dearest brother…. Please don’t find any loopholes in my schedule and complain about it to mom…


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