Expressing your Anger

Hello Guys! I know it’s becoming useless to keep apologizing for not posting for literally up to 2 months. I have to tell you something. I’m soaring upwards and am soon going to be in High-School. As such, I have a lot of home work and ample problems to deal with at school.

As my topic and school life speaks, I shall tell you that I have broken my contact with two liars who fooled me in the past year to make me believe that they were my friends. And you know what? One of the traitors had spoken ill about us to the other and both of them wished us ill-luck and broke away from our group. Though it saddened nobody, I have to say that I was devastated for losing TWO people in my life. Well, they say “If Life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

I’m pretty damn sure that that I cannot make lemonade with the above matter. Well, when I thought about naming this particular blog, I was at first, let me say, filled with hatred. Then, I thought over it and came to a conclusion. It wasn’t me who did all the bad. And also, I didn’t have the need to play heart-broken.

So, what I did next was quite unexplained. We were in P.ed class and we were playing basketball. She didn’t know basketball well and I, had 7 years of coaching. She made many clumsy attempts  to do it on her own. Then, she passed the ball to another kid. See?

I wanted to avenge my broken and devastated heart and that single move did it. Thereafter, we have had a few eye-contacts and I mostly catch her staring at me. Maybe she is beginning to regret it. Maybe.

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