A Witty Reason To Why I Don’t Blog Often

Oh hello again! Have you read my previous post? Okay. I posted that just a few minutes ago. Asking me why this haste? Well, I haven’t blogged a lot.I am pushed by my Brother  to blog everyday. But, what I do? I just don’t. Don’t ask me why. Okay, I’ll tell you. I’M LAZY.

Yeah. Lazy to get my butt off of the bed, collect my lappy, let it to boot and open the browser, log into my WordPress account and then think about some topic, type on it and publishing it seems like a lot of work to do ain’t it?But, man, I have my own life to live. Eat, Study and Sleeping. The three most important stuffs to survive don’t you think? So, obviously I have to live and don’t forget… also, to watch movies.

But, there is no “witty“ness in the real reason. I’m just tired AF studying all day with no break and finally, when I come home from school, I am not even able to rest up properly. Everyday, I got to sleep at around 11:30-12:00 and wake up as early as 5:00. And I keep layin’ awake for a long time. So, that cuts out most of my sleep time.

And, on the weekends, I rest up as much as I can and enjoy myself thoroughly and make myself ready for the approaching week and I have to complete my Home Work too.

So, it pretty much sums up why I don’t post a lot, right? You see, every person has their own problems except that people don’t acknowledge them. Huh. The track is sliding away from wittiness. Followers, I cut my hair last month!!!! And the Happy story is that it has grown faster than before. My hair which was along my Jaw bone line is now along my Shoulders!!!! In just One month!!!


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