Life is a Circle

Oh, hello! Here, in this post you will be introduced to my philosophy on Life. “Karma is a Boomerang”…. Heard of that one, have you?

Yup. Obviously, when you throw a boomerang at something, it hits the focused thing and comes back to you. Don’t it? In the same way, in life, whenever you hurt someone, you will be satisfied for a while, but eventually, Karma lashes out at you and delivers the same or different punishment. In the same way, if you had done something good to someone, Karma will OBVIOUSLY feel happy ’bout it and will set you loose and be helpful for you at all costs.

An example for the second case is the following incident. I have known this woman who is this “Society Worker”. She, kinda goes around and renders all the help that she can and suddenly, one day she is under Cardiac Arrest. My Mom was kind of sad cause this woman is her Best Friend. We went to visit her only to find the hospital so much crowded with people who were there to visit her.

Many people like poor ones, rich people whom she had rendered her religious help at times and even kids who liked her were present. Just. To. Meet. Her.

It was amazing, because all the people present there were helping each other. The healthy ones with the disabled, the rich with the poor people’s newborn babies and such.

Really, it was amazing to see that people of different classes helping people. You can also notice the small revolution brought on by the lady. So you are beginning to ask where Karma acts here?

I’ll tell you. That lady is perfectly healthy with no other health complications. Even though she is of not that much money, she still helps people a lot.

The circle that links everything?

She helped people. She was under Cardiac Arrest. People hoped for her wellness. She was cured. She still helps people.

Got it?


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