Pursuing your Dreams

Hello Guys. A good evening to all of you!

This post will be about ‘Pursuing your dreams’. Okay, honestly, how many of you actually pursue your dreams? Hmm.. You won’t be doing it for literally about 75% of the time.

All you do is to pursue others’ dreams. For example, if one of your friends pursue what they like and what their dream was since their childhood, you will immediately drop your dreams and go behind them, just for the sake of ‘fake’ friendship or, they will surely drag you behind them. An exception will be your Mum’s wish. Right?

Now, let me reach out to the people who are around my age. Most of you take independent decisions while the others are made to abide your parents’ rules or, you are dwindling between these two options, like me. Yeah?

So, the one thing that is happening to people like me is that they are mostly angered. They don’t feel like liberty and freedom is given to them and they begin swiveling towards social media to loosen up their anxieties and anger. As time grows, they will be covered upon by the “bad” people who will certainly impress you and trap you in their lair.

So, we all must be given the liberty to decide upon certain matters if not on the major ones, but the minor situations. We should know when our mind dwindles in the wrong way and also when we are led by a “friend” in the “proper” way (?). We, as grown people must know what is good for us and what is bad and must know the differences between Evil and Good.

If not God-Fearing, we must at least be aware of our surroundings and have the conscious mind of knowing how to act where. If not, people will certainly guess our weakness and will come to know where to strike us.

So, friends if you feel that you are not being given a good amount of liberty, approach your parents and let them know your problem. Until then, farewell!

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