Athletic Coaching 

Hello guys! Here and back again with a warm “Good Evening” is Angelin. Today’s blog will tell you about my sufferings in a way which you MIGHT find hilarious in an ‘athletic coaching’. Okay, so, one time, my Mum enrolled me in this athletic coaching which was in  the evening and basketball coaching which was in the mornings. Man, had you been in my place, you would have felt that life sucked way too early. This was in FIFTH GRADE.

Now, getting to the topic… Everyday morning I woke up at 5:00 which was kind of early for a regular fifth grader. And, I reached school (It took place as part of extra coaching during my summer vacation) at 6:00. Yeah, I required around an hour to get ready even when I didn’t take a bath. Sorry guys, but, I didn’t stink though. And, later that evening, I went to the athletic coaching with this amusement of a child with a new toy. God, had I known that the training would hurt that bad I would have bargained with Mum to not send me.

I had to do twisted ab crunches, rigorous 100 m sprints and keep running, jump hurdles…. all in ONE SINGLE DAY. This was the course for all kids from fifth grade to tenth grade.  So, you know my body hated me soon after that. The next morn, I tried getting up from bed, but, my legs disobeyed me. I fell. Mum laughed saying that I’d have to give up sleep to reach new goals. If she had known what was the problem with me, she would not have said that. It was the result of the previous day’s athletic coaching.

I staggered along and finally reached school. I used to be a favorite of my coach (I would have still been if I hadn’t stopped attending coaching to concentrate on my studies and hadn’t lost interest in sports) and when my coach saw me, he asked what was wrong with me and I told him only to be mocked with laughter. He called me an idiot who couldn’t foresee the consequences of the “athletic coaching”. I didn’t argue, because that was true. And, so went the rest of my holidays. Even though it was an horrendous experience, it had its benefits on me. I lost my baby fat *everywhere* and had gotten a new slimmer body. People at my class looked at me and felt jealous  ’cause I was the only person who was willing enough to attend both the coaching classes and had gotten rewarded.

Okay, the last line might be a lie, but, I have been fitter evening ever since. Kudos!

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