Does Popularity Even Matter?

This post will be about popularity. Have you looked up on celebrities and ever wanted to be one of them? Well, stupid question isn’t it? Everybody wants to be a celebrity don’t we? So, here, instead of talking about how popularity is a Queen, I will tell you about how popularity is a down side result for many celebs and which will be for you too when you become a celebrity too.

Whenever you go out, you will be surrounded by people always trying to get your autographs and they always crowd around you and keep pestering you with questions on your private life. Also, wherever you go, if you are a man, you will have “fan-girls” all around you. Some people who are not your fans will criticize you publicly. Well, that oppression will pull you forward in life.

But, do you really need to be popular? No. Why? If you want to do something good to the society you can do it by raising funds. You don’t have to be popular. If you have risen to fame and then if you are planning on contributing towards the society, the matter is totally different. So, the way of approaching towards is that of two ways :-

  1. You help/ pretend to help to rise towards fame.
  2.  You are already famous, but you want to help people.

Who you want to be depends upon your choice between the above two. Make your decision rightly. Kudos!



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