Life: Is it Interesting?

Well, hello there! Today’s post will be about the topic on finding if life is interesting. Now. Do all of you like it when Life offers you lemons? Nope? Well, obviously, not everyone likes it when life keeps offering lemons, right? You may wonder what ‘interest‘ plays a part here.

Let’s take an example that you are living a life of a billionaire for a few days. You enjoy life so thoroughly and you make it to the list of ‘Top Twenty Billionaires’. Now, you are that enjoying kind of of person who is a spendthrift. You just empty out all your life’s earning without spending a shilling on your family, not even lending a penny.

Then, one fine day, you learn that your business has become a total failure and that you have to sell out all your properties and….. finally, you are on the road. With no money to buy food, no car to travel, with no place to shelter yourself…. . That is when you learn your lesson. You then start working with a new gusto, with a newfound interest to earn more and save at times of distress, to know that you have to stop being a spendthrift.

You will be surprised. You won’t know how much you would have actually saved until the day you come to know that you need some resource to keep going. The thing that motivated you? Interest. Kudos!

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