Living in Denial?

Here is your blogger here and back again to talk some sense into you on which type of friends you have to deny. You have to make sure you have the right friends when you meet someone and make sure that you have actually chosen someone who accepts you the way you are and doesn’t have the will to change you.

Believe me guys, I am very spoiled now because of the bad choice I made last year on making friends. They have really hurt me in the worst way possible by ignoring me even though they had accepted me as part of conversation. It is that bad that, I hate going to school every morning and have that pain and regret in my heart. Please, please analyze what kind of people they are before becoming friends with them.

This, is not advice, but some tip. Please make sure on what type of friends you make and share your secrets with. The other thing such idiots do is leak out all your secrets, good or bad. Deny such idiots and refrain from becoming their friends.  Kudos!

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