Who is the Genius?

Here and back again with drowsiness and the necessity to fall asleep but with the ” I’m still typing ” attitude is Angelin Veronica. So, today’s blog will be about the topic “Who Is The Genius?”. So, you all will be guessing who is the genius I’m talking about now. It aids you in your life and helps you in your various expeditions.

It also provides information, retains information and provides regular notifications and also helps you to study. It also serves as a good instructor at really bad times and also provides appropriate descriptions of things that we usually know, but forget. Basically, it commands all of you to obey. Still pondering over who the person is?

Wait. I’ll make you ponder more. At times, it makes you go wild, at times makes you spin right off of your feet. Sometimes, the reason for your problems. But, all in all the best device. Huh? Yeah. I thought it would make you feel the same way. Your BRAIN people, your brain. Kudos!

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