Believe, Belief, And More…

Hello, guys! ‘The Flash’ returned today and I have to say, I’m pretty much hyped, even though there’s no chance of me watching it in the near future. So, today, my topic on this blog will be on the topic, ‘Believe‘, ‘Belief’, and more. Why do we have belief? Or, better, why do we actually believe in somebody?

We believe, because we can’t always not believe. I know that this is pretty dumb, right? So, yeah, basically, I believed that I would get Season 4’s first ep. torrent-wise. But, then when I didn’t, I still believed that I would. That’s called belief. And, when I still didn’t, I felt something like, “Okay, luck not on my side”.

And now, as I am typing, I am peeping at another tab occasionally to see if I had finally gained one torrent. Oh my Gosh, that, really is tedious, you know. I still haven’t found a torrent and ‘The CW App’ doesn’t work here in India.

Ohmy, I just found a torrent, but, that needs my credit card’s number for subscription (which I seriously do not own, ’cause I’m underage). My, my, here is my mum scolding me to get to sleep and shut down ‘That Stupid Thing Of Yours’ Laptop. Hey, I know that I’m typing gibberish, but, as a true Flash fan, understand my pain, guys. I am a stone-throw away from viewing ‘The Flash’, but obviously, I do not have an account on Netflix too (Indian household thingy).

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