Exceptional Service From An Exceptional Person

Today, my blog may be short, but it will be kinda inspirational. So, school, right now in this week is celebrating ‘Joy Of Giving’. Here, we donate some clothes, groceries and also go around some charity homes. It, I’ll say, is an exceptional method for helping lots of under-privileged kids.

So, here was this lady, who was the representative one of such charity homes. Also, she came around and delivered an exceptional speech on how she had started the charity home. As the speech went on, we all began to start chatting and began thinking that the lady was a literal waste of time.

Girls around me started teasing her about the way she had dressed in a cotton sari, worn her white hair in a loose braid and carried herself around in a shifty manner. I, the ‘Flash’ fan that I am, began thinking about it rightly so. The lady finally completed her speech and went back around and didn’t even ask for a chair even though she was kinda old, but I really don’t know if people offered her one because I was literally halfway across the assembly point for our morning prayers.

After some time, our Principal came around and she delivered some values on charity. We paid what little attention we could muster and listened. After some time, she turned around to the old lady and asked if she could break the news. As curious we were, we perked up from our drowsiness. Then came the blow. Our Principal announced that the lady was in her final stage of cancer. Then realization dawned upon me. Even in her old age, she had traveled that far, as a representative to our school and delivered an exceptional speech. God knows what pain that she might have hidden within her to present to us a fine speech.

Our Principal then asked us to pray for her. Immediately, all the heads in the assembly point bowed. Not one by one, but ALL at one. Why? Because she was in her final stage of cancer, but had thrown aside all her pain, just for charity. She lives, not for her, but for others. Kudos to such souls and to you if you are like her! She is this one in a thousand who actually helps kids who are under-privileged… BTW, I watched episode 1 of ‘The Flash’ season 4!!!

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