Fraud: What Is All This About Though?

Fraudulence. Heard it anywhere? Obviously must have. Fraud. What does this mean? Something that people do as a criminal act for their personal gain. So, you might ask what this does with my blog. Have you seen Fraudulent people all over the internet, why, even call up and ask your personal details under the name of some random bank too.

Why do they do this? Some of them may be too poor and uneducated which might be the reason for all this. Or, they might just find the right dose of pleasure in taking possession of others’ stuffs. Also, they do so to deceive you. What do we, as people do? Believe in them. Well, not all of us though. Educated people know what to do.

Once they know that they are under a fraud call net, they begin recording it and threaten the fraud saying that they would hand it over to the police. Those frauds immediately get scared and just cut off the call, really believing in the threat.

1) Your Credit/ Debit Card or account will soon expire: A call from an unknown landline number, claiming it to be the bank manager or bank customer relation officer, will almost threaten you to share your card details or account details. The caller will give reasons like new bank order or the credit/debit card will soon expire or you have not maintained the minimum account balance, etc.

2) I am Calling From Airtel/ Vodafone The caller, claiming to be from Airtel or Vodafone, greets you by your name and then asks whether your number is prepaid or postpaid. After verifying your details like address, DOB, etc, the caller will try to help you get a better mobile plan or some offer and ultimately, asking for bank details.

3) Missed Calls From Unknown Number: Never call back after noticing a missed call from an unknown number. Also, avoid calling back international numbers (any number that doesn’t start with +91).

4) BHIM/ Paytm upgrade Soon after the demonetisation drive took place, the likes of Paytm and the launch of BHIM gave another opportunity for scammers to encash on. These calls could to be made to the elderly to “assist” them on getting the so-called BHIM account. There could be calls claiming to be from Paytm or other mobile wallet executives to assist in mobile banking and wallets as well. Ultimately, the aim is to gather confidential banking information.

5) Call from the Income Tax department: The Income Tax Department calling a person who doesn’t belong to a tax bracket or an elderly citizen in India is almost next to impossible. While the call may be entertaining if you are aware that it’s probably a scam call, simple do not reveal any details to the so-called officer. Remember, the Bollywood movie Special 26? If CBI raids can be faked, IT officers can sound convincing as well.

How to deal with them:

Bankers mostly call to sell insurance or loans. In reality, no banker will ever ask for any card or account related details. Banks mostly communicate via email or at max, might ask you to visit your branch. The best way to deal is to ignore such calls or tell the caller that you will go to the bank to enquire about any problems. NEVER reveal any details at all. And disconnect within seconds.

Info from: Click here

This information is for India. Well, I suppose so.

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