Halloween Is Approaching – Are You Gonna Be Cloaked?

Hmm. Halloween. So, what do you guys like about Halloween? The dress-up part or the trick-or treat games? Well, in India, we don’t celebrate Halloween exactly. It’s just that we have discounts at shops for whatever thing we purchase. I also have to say, today, Friday the 13th didn’t serve as too much of a bad day for me.

At school, our Annual Day practices are going on. So, we have these Zero Periods which lasts for an hour.  So, we all (Kids who aren’t in the celebration practice) gather and form groups to play ‘Antakshari’ which is a game where a person sings and, the letter he ends with will be continued by the next person. We play in groups as one from each group after discussions.

Okay, what I was about to tell was that I didn’t have a bad day today. Maybe I was cloaked from evil because, one of my friend had a really bad day today. At morning, she broke her bottle which was gifted to her by her grandparents. Then, she forgot that she had to bring the Science record notebook. She got a good amount of scoldings and on her way back to home, she had a fall. Ooh, that is what I call a bad day.

Okay, getting to the point that Halloween is approaching. I have to say that I heard that people in ‘The Olden Days’ wore hideous costumes. Even children too! Seriously people, it creeped me out. People wore things creepier than this make-up. Like with, imagine, horrific ‘skin-hanging-from-the-side’ costume. Except that this make-up looks funny. Seriously, no wonder that people fro the olden times had lesser fear about stuffs than us today. Why do Halloweens have to be creepy? Can’ they be more fun-filled like kids dressing up as Cindy, Wondah Woman, Blac Widaw?? (Mistakes intended. Purely. Intended.) Kids these days..

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