Succumbing. Why Am I Blogging On This?

Succumbing. It is something that happens when you give up on something and let nature have its way. So, why does this happen? People have to know what to be done at the right time, in the right place. They should know what will hurt them if they do something. They also must make sure that the oncoming blow doesn’t hurt them too bad. If they do succumb it may hurt their conscience.

Why am I blogging on this? I am doing this ’cause I know that people, once they go into that ‘succumbing phase’ need a plenty of time to recover. Also, it might hurt more deeply once we begin recollecting all at once, ALL OVER AGAIN. The pain of all of it that you have had the effort to forget doesn’t go away.

What can you do? So, here you can just, without getting overcome by grief, just find something happier to do with. Even just find a silly joke and laugh about it. That single joke will serve as a medicine and cure your heartaches.


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