Ascension? Why Am I Even Blogging Here?

So, have you ever felt that ‘sky-high’ feeling when somebody praises you? You suddenly feel like you have ascended. Ascend – This happens when you go to a higher position. Does this really happen when people praise you? I just have to say. Yes. That ‘sky-high’ feeling you get suddenly when someone praises you automatically leads you to raise your nose towards the air, sometimes with thankfulness, otherwise with great and  unnecessary pride.

Should this actually happen? I just have to say, it must not. This sense of pride, sometimes demeaning others is very bad. Why, it might even count as bragging. This bragging is almost the reason and root-cause of all social distresses. Also, it becomes the most plain reason to brag on. Okay, being confident and proceeding doesn’t matter. You just have to be satisfied on what you have got.

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