Mirror Mirror, Who Is The Most Loyal Of ’em All?

I’m just standing there, all alone. The room is empty. I’m a goner. Like, totally a goner with no one to help me out. Then, all my classmates come streaming out into the class-room. I just then realize that I’m at school and that I’m standing all alone with all that ghost line symptoms  etched upon my face. You know, pretend that I understand what everybody says. I feel doom coming over me.

A blink later, I find myself in a lit up place. But, that looks gloomy to me too. I pretty soon find a mirror. My mirror. I can’t really believe that this is really this good soul’s face, etched with sadness, with people around her who are not loyal. I can’t believe that people actually hate that face, even though it is not good, but has a big, beautiful heart in the same body. I also hate the fact that, even though I have given everything that they ever needed, they still hate me.

But, I have to say. They have a loving face, but what lies beyond that pretty face is venom. Venom. No sense of love, of trust. But only distrust. And suddenly, out of the dark comes something that is a bundle of pure joy with true love in its heart and the beauty of God himself etched on its face. A pup. It licks me like never before and just doesn’t leave me at all. Why? ‘Cause it’s loyal. Why is it a bundle of pure joy? It is because, whenever I come home, it jumps on me like it is the first time it sees her mistress. Every. Single. Time.

Dogs are really something that you can always be around with, people.

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