Take Risk As A Simple Rusk

So, today, I’ve been given the topic ‘Risky‘. What’s so fun about this one? Gah. It’s just some stupid topic. I’m probably gonna log out. Okay, bye… This is not what I’m gonna do. What I’m going to do is that I’m going to give some serious talk on this. Well, give some serious blog on this. So, what is this on being risky?

It’s something that is so hazardous and brings some real danger to our life. Our fight for the day after might be risky, but our fight does pay, very well for it. Whatever we may do may seem dis-interesting and bored, but that risk we take on is everything. It just leads us to a better tomorrow with much higher chances of us winning. Well, the total risk that we take pretty much sums up for our good life tomorrow.

You gotta take risky chances, just for your benefit. If you don’t, others may take a chance at what you have stopped doing and be benefited from it. But also, sometimes it is just good to leave things as they are. But, if you believe too much in the future and have copious amounts of hope in your heart and feel like you can just leave life the way it is, you will fail. Hard-Work people. You just got to work hard because, nothing worth having comes easy.

With hard-work, there are no limits. You have to work that hard, all in silence, and let your success be the noise and harder until your signature is  known well enough to be your autograph. It is said that luck favors hard-working people. Is it really so? No, I do not think so. When you work hard, you begin to satisfy yourself with all the things that you had ever dreamed of and, as others have it, they say luck favors you.

So yeah, working hard beats talent. So keep rocking and take risky decisions only if you feel that it would obviously lead you to success. Kudos!

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