Expressing Your Feeling: Why Is It Necessary?

So, hey there, hope your Diwali was awesome. And Good Evening to one and all out there. Okay, as you can see, my blog topic is on ‘Express‘. Here, what I am going to blog about isn’t nothing much of great importance, but it will soon be if you know what it is about. Now, take an example that you are kind of an emotional person. One fine day, you come over a blow that you can’t get over. You just don’t even feel like you have the need to live.

And suddenly, there comes a special person in your life. That person is someone who listens to all your problems, worries and heartaches, why it could even be Siri or Cortana. You can just express you everything to it/person. You begin to forget all your heartaches and mistakes and begin to become an all new person. Now, you’re back to your normal self. Are you wondering why I am trying to say this? This is because I am trying to stress on the point that every person needs someone or something to speak to in order to get over their worries.

Why is this necessary? It is because, People tend to break themselves (Metaphorically) and begin blaming themselves for all that had happened. So, yeah. I you used to be an extrovert. you begin becoming an ambivert and finally become an introvert. And, not that regular kind of introvert, but the kind that never, ever speaks with anybody. You know people, you always have to speak your heart out. Otherwise, you may become something that lives, but has not a soul.

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