Installed Fall Creators Update On My PC – My Experience

So, hey guys! Sorry for the Late Late post. Today I’m gonna blog on my experience on the release of the recent Fall Creators Update from Windows. So, I installed it as soon as it was released. I just have to say, it’s kinda better and faster than the older version (Creators Update). Also, it has more settings to choose from. It’s like you can literally customize your PC the way you like.

And, Cortana just got a lot sweeter. She responds much quickly. Also, there are settings to link your Android phone to your PC. And, another important setting is that of your gaming. You can put on the Game Mode too. All the settings have been segregated into different slots. Earlier, it was all mixed up, all in one place and it was really irritating to make any setting.

Now, you can just open it up and make it look the way you like. Also, right now, it is a little late on loading after opening the PC. But, you can make it happen people, totally worth it. Some features are :

  • Bringing into use Paint3D
  • Bringing Mixed Reality which is the main portal for launching everything needed in a VR.
  • Fluent Design Changes
  • Microsoft Edge Improvements
  • If you’re a Microsoft Surface owner, then the Fall Creators Update will improve the touch and inking features.
  • New Emojis
  • You can summon the emoji panel by using Win + period or semicolon as a keyboard shortcut.
  • Cortana Improvements
  • Headphone and Sound Improvements

Also, there are many other improvements, apart from this. So yeah, try it people. If you were looking for a review, from a common person, here it is… Kudos!

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