Cacophony: Why It Is A Mixture Of Unpleasant Sounds

So, hey! I seem to be receiving positive vibes from people and comments which make my day a lot better. So, today, I’ll tell you an incident which took place, like around 2 hours ago.

So, I was in my room, doing my homework, listening to some crazy songs that was too loud. I was practicing, writing Tamil, my mother-tongue. I have put a link for you to know about it. So, as I was writing/practicing, over the loud music, I could hear a series of Cacophony. At first, I couldn’t make head or tail of it. Then, I came to my senses and heard my brother open the door with such enthusiasm and stupidity (Well, he was laughing like a maniac).

He asked me,”Hey! Do you know what you did in the morning?”, and started laughing yet again. I got a  little angry and shouted after him as he closed the door “What the hell is the matter?”. Apparently, my Mum must have told him something about me. But, she started laughing and told my brother to tell me about the matter.

He busted back into the room and said these words,” Whose tooth-brush did you use this Morning???” with fits of laughter. Then, the truth crashed upon me. When I had looked upon my tooth-brush stand this morning, I had seen two tooth-brushes. I shrugged it off thinking that I was seeing the same brush that way. You know, morning sleep-hardheadedness. I took one (practically) and brushed and put it back in the stand.

Then, the truth crashed upon me. My tooth-brush’s color was blue, not baby-pink. I had used my Mum’s tooth-brush this morn. God! I should have known why my brother said that my act was gross.

4 thoughts on “Cacophony: Why It Is A Mixture Of Unpleasant Sounds

  1. Hello! 🙂 I super love your blog and I thought you’d like to know that I nominated you for the Brotherhood of the World Award. If you want to go check it out I explained it on my blog!

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